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Topic: Cork flooring maintenance tips

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Replies: 1

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Cork flooring maintenance tips

Posted: 08.08.2016 16:23
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Cork flooring is cork particles and elastic adhesive, using a special floor covering material processing technology and equipment, generally have a thickness of 3.2 mm to 4 mm. Strictly speaking, not the cork wood, oak bark. The main component of cork softwood fibers are composed of dead cells polyhedral shape, the space between the cells are filled with air is almost the same as the mixed gas. Special structure and composition such that cork has a series of special properties: lightweight, flexible compression, non-permeability, moisture corrosion, poor conductivity, heat insulation, abrasion, and other non-flammable.
Because cork by the numerous air sacs, formed on the surface of numerous small suction cups, when people walk on it, when the pace of contact with the ground, the pace of cork flooring will be slightly adsorbed on the ground, reducing the relative displacement between the feet and the floor reduces friction, thereby prolonging the service life and durability of the floor, but also played a role in noise reduction, sound absorption.

Cork wall maintenance:
1, with a vacuum cleaner, Tansu son, a damp cloth can be;
2, if the waxed panels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth;
3, local stains available eraser, must not use the weapon to eradicate.
4, floor 24 hours after installation before the furniture on the floor, try to reduce personnel move around on it within 24 hours.
5, floor maintenance, shall wash with water, polishing or scouring powder to clean.
6, the surface of the painting cork flooring maintenance with solid wood flooring, as is generally six months to play a floor wax; usually only wring dry mop or rag mop. Hard to wipe the place removed with special cleaning agents.
8, to avoid the impact of a strong floor, moving furniture to lift move for the benefit, not drag furniture leg pad material.
9, it is recommended at the door covered by a rub pads to reduce wear and tear on the sand floor.
10, away from home, you shut the windows, doors, especially the tap, in order to avoid rain, dripping water soaked the floor.
11, when the winter heating test the water, must be to keep people at home, to prevent the destruction of floor heating running water.

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Re: Cork flooring maintenance tips

Posted: 23.06.2017 3:11
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Thank you for your info! It's very useful!
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