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Topic: Gordie Howe Red Wings Jersey

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Replies: 1

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Gordie Howe Red Wings Jersey

Posted: 18.07.2016 8:54
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Delivering a performance management system can deliver tremendous results. We've seen it deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in value in months. Today it has become an important tool in building an organizational culture of choice
Henrik Zetterberg Red Wings Jersey
, and delivering great results.

What we've also witnessed is that it's not very common to have a good road map when embarking on setting up or executing a performance management system. This series of three white papers is written as a guide to help you avoid common mistakes and address critical steps in dealing with the people, process and technology side of performance management.

This particular white paper addresses three core processes that will help you be successful in implementing and maintaining a performance management system. Three important core processes that you will need to launch and navigate to successfully execute your plan. We've written it in a style that brief and succinct to make it easy to get your arms around each process. Let's get started:

Process and Performance Management

1. Our first process has to do with the questions you ask. It is as important as running to first base first, after hitting the ball when you play baseball. Performance management (pm) works best when you have answered two very important questions. Those questions are simply, Why and What's in it for me? You know we just said it works best if you answer these questions, but that's actually too mild of a statement. It should be a mandatory step in your approach.

You may be asking, Why are these questions mandatory? Here's the brief answer - there's no pm solution that can succeed based upon its merit and capability
Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey
, without the benefit of solving personal problems for users. Like politics, performance management is always local.

By-the-way, most performance management initiators have not taken the time (sometimes faced the discomfort) to identify the problem and figure out how much it costs them before they set out to obtain a performance management solution.

Why not? Partly because it seems so very human to figure out there's got to be a better way, but not get clear of what isn't working about the current system. To help you avoid this miss-step, let's go over how to address both questions.

Answering the Why? Question. Starting into a performance management program without establishing the Why in very clear and personal terms, results in feeling like a solution is being forced on the workforce
Gordie Howe Red Wings Jersey
, a solution without a real necessity. Solutions without a problem inevitably feel, and are treated, as a burden and shed at the first sign of requirement relaxation. Bottom Line: Establishing Why is critical. It needs to be personal; for some it will be uncomfortably honest, it needs to be revealing, exposing. It's the basis for establishing the reason for the mission. Let's move to What's in it for me.


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Re: Gordie Howe Red Wings Jersey

Posted: 02.11.2016 0:23
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