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Topic: Marcedes Lewis Jaguars Jersey

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Marcedes Lewis Jaguars Jersey

Posted: 18.07.2016 8:35
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Best Lawyers in History June 1
Nic Jacobs Jaguars Jersey
, 2012 | Author: rhondachuva | Posted in Education
Article by Ben Goldman

Lawyers often get a bad rap for a variety of reasons and the public generally views them as amoral but necessary nuisances. And while some lawyers very easily fit this description (see Devils Advocate: Historys Most Controversial Lawyers), it would be a grave mistake to lump all attorneys into this unfortunate stereotype. After all, a court of law was amongst the first societal innovations to accompany the rise of civilization, and in the same way that there are two sides to every story there are two lawyers in every trial.

So in an effort to pay tribute to some our great unsung courtroom cowboys, weve listed the greatest lawyers in history.

Abraham LincolnThough Abraham Lincoln is most known for his battle to end slavery as the 16th President of the United States
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, many are unaware of his earlier career battling in the court of law.

Born in Kentucky to a family of uneducated farmers, Lincoln left his humble upbringings to travel to New Salem, Illinois where he worked a variety of odd jobs all while teaching himself the inner-workings of law. When he was finally granted the right to practice as an attorney, he got to work immediately and quickly became one of Illinois most formidable lawyers. During his tenure as a lawyer, he tackled any kind of case imaginable- including trials for medical malpractice
Marqise Lee Jaguars Jersey
, corporate misconduct, murder, slander, fraud and many more.

In retrospect, its easy to see how Lincolns 20+ year long career as an attorney helped shape him into the masterful politician he would later become by sharpening his debate skills and keeping him in touch with the issues that matter to the public. And considering the fact that he went on to become one of the nations greatest Presidents should stand as evidence that being a lawyer doesnt necessarily make you a lowlife- it just predisposes you to being a lowlife
Marcedes Lewis Jaguars Jersey
, which makes it all the more impressive that Lincoln turned out so cool.


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Re: Marcedes Lewis Jaguars Jersey

Posted: 15.11.2016 11:13
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I found a lot of useful and interesting information, thanks for the post! glad to join your community!!!

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