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11 Aug, 2014 - 12:11 ::
RationalPlan 4.9 Better Mac OS X Integration and Improved Printing
Stand By Soft is pleased to announce the release of RationalPlan 4.9. Current version offers better Mac OS X integration, improved printing mechanism and many other features.

RationalPlan suite started as a desktop application designed to run on all major operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X but it evolved into an embedded management system that is now available even as a project management cloud service both for individuals and for companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access from multiple users.

Important changes for this version:

Comply with Gatekeepers restrictions on Mac OS X
More printing options
New status values for projects: Awaiting approval and Awaiting closure
New filters
Improved support for reading Microsoft Project files

Starting with Mac OS X Mountain Lion the Gatekeeper was introduced that by default does not allow users to run applications downloaded outside of the App Store. In this situation were also RationalPlan users. The good news is that now RationalPlan products can safely pass the Gatekeeper restrictions.

Printing mechanism was improved at users request. Along with minor visual adjustments it is now possible to change the timescale and soft zoom for chart based views directly from print preview window. This is very useful when users need to fine tune their printing layout.

A new filter was added allowing users to filter tasks through multiple assigned resources and not just one as it was until now. This is useful for the project manager to see for example on what tasks an entire team of resources is working.

While in Project Portfolio view users can set different statuses for their projects. In this version two additional values were added: Awaiting approval and Awaiting closure.

When it comes to reading Microsoft Project files things are not that easy because the .mpp file format is a binary one and undocumented. However the development team behind RationalPlan continues to improve the support for this format and this means the possibility to load baselines from MS Project in current version.

The list of features and improvements that were added also includes:

Longer life for tooltips
Moved the status date picker to Settings > Options dialog
When creating a new project use the settings from its parent as the default ones
Added possibility to assign resources to tasks by code and by name by direct typing within the table
Possibility to send late tasks notifications from RationalPlan Server
Less memory consumption
Added Project and Project code columns to My Assignments view
Added possibility to display either row number or object ID within the row header of tables

RationalPlan suite is made of these products:

RationalPlan Single Project an alternative to Microsoft Project and the perfect solution for novice or accidental project managers
RationalPlan Multi Project project management software for multiple projects, projects that are interconnected through dependencies and share common resource
RationalPlan Project Viewer free project management software viewer, the solution for anyone (from project stakeholders to team workers) to view projects details
RationalPlan Project Server a centralized place to manage the companys projects while offering concurrent access to different users

The complete suite of RationalPlan products can be found at

About Stand By Soft

Stand By Soft was founded in 1997 as a software company specialized in building desktop applications and components. RationalPlan is a project management solution that follows the general recommended guidelines from project management domain. MOOS Project viewer is a Microsoft Project viewer that allows users to open, view in a dynamic way and print any Microsoft Project file.

Contact name: Lucian Ioan
Address: Aleea Parului, Nr.4A, Craiova, Dolj, 200346, Romania
Phone: +40771610710


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